Kesariya Farm brings to you the best of nature by offering forest grazing gir cow’s finest A2 Vedic Ghee.

Kesariya farm wishes every family to enjoy the benefits of mother nature and wisdom of Ayurveda.
With our 100% Natural and nourishing farm made superfoods, give your family kind of wholesome care that only a mother nature can offer.

Over the past 14 years, we’ve created one of the most beloved brands in A2 Ghee in India – Vedic Ghee.

At Kesariya farm, we are a pioneering family farm focused bringing back the tradition of preparing Vedic Ghee using wooden bilona from cultured curd. We are reviving the science and art of managing free grazing desi gir cow’s herd, preparing the Vedic Ghee in most authentic way and bringing it to families that follow Ayurveda principles for a healthy and active life.

Kesariya farm is owned and maintained by a traditional farmer family. Our team consists of farming experts having diverse experience in natural desi cow based farming, Vedic Ghee processing and food logistics.

Our natural regenerative farm is located in Shahapur, just 90 km from Mumbai.

Here’s where we live our dream life. A dream of creating world class Gir cows based farm, with healthy living soil, healthiest grasses grown as fodder for our beloved gir cows, maximum biodiversity in soil microbes and plants growing on farm.

Grazing our Gir cows in more that 800 acres of medicinal pastures, churning curd at early morning hours to get delicious butter, preparing finest Vedic ghee in most time tested method, is what give us immense satisfaction every day.

We strive to care for and serve our customers  by giving full traceability of the natural products they buy from our farm.

At farm, we care for physical and mental wellness of whole being because we believe the act of promoting natural living starts from our farm, our own lives!! We believe in practicing what we talk. Because every team member deserves good nutrition and a healthy lifetime. We believe team is at their best when they’re happy. Thus, we keenly gather and act on business and culture suggestions from all teammates. We believe none of us is as good as all of us!!



We believe 90% of Ghee making happens in our Natural farm and pastures. Growing high quality diverse organic grasses on farm and in pastures does the most of work to make our Vedic Ghee aromatic and delicious.


Made with farm fresh A2 Gir cow’s milk cultured in artisanal way to produce high quality A2 curd. The curd is churned with traditional wooden bilona (churner) to extract butter from the curd.
We believe that sustainable natural farming practices lead to healthier, more biodiverse farm and high quality Vedic Ghee.


Our promise of doing the world class farming at Kesariya farm reflects in every choice we make — from our Vedic ghee making process to bottling in lightweight glass, to our eco-friendly shipping methods.

Ethical dairy farming

Bring health and happiness to your home, with pure, natural, fresh n creamy raw A2 milk and A2 milk and A2 cow ghee products everyday … Delivered directly from our farm to you.

In a way this concept is first-of-its-kind near Mumbai, where the young calves drink the half of milk (Sanskrit word for milking is – Dohan, Means only half of cow’s milk can be taken for human consumption, half is reserved for calf !).

The cows stay on the farm even when they grow old. They are all loved with care and dignity as members of our one big Kesariya farm family.

Kesariya farm was established in 2010, with a sole aim of making pure, organic and chemical-free food available direct from farm to home.

Goodness of Gir cow's Organic A2 milk

Start your day with 100% pure desi Gir cow’s Organic A2 Milk delivered straight from our Organic Farm to your doorstep.

Kesariya farm is an organic farm, committed to international standards of organic dairy farming. It has been started with a vision to provide superior quality Organic A2 milk products of Indian desi Gir breed Cows.

Within 7 years, today we are Mumbai’s foremost Organic A2 Milk and hand churned Vedic Ghee brand.

Our farm is managed by agriculture experts. With best organic fodder grown on our own farm, we ensure that our milk is full of nutrition and completely free from Hormones, antibiotics, pesticides and other harmful chemicals used rampantly in milk industry.

Know from where the milk comes to you.

The farm site was selected keeping in mind the availability of natural pasture for grazing of our cows and their freedom to live a free life. Our Gir cows graze freely in the pastures near farm, everyday. Medicinal grasses in pasture make this A2 milk highly nutritional and Medicinal.

We use sustainable natural methods of farming unlike Non-organic farms which use toxic pesticides and herbicides, fertilizers to manage the farm production.
These chemicals are really harmful to wildlife, soil and human health, contaminating our food, air, and water, and accumulating in our cells.


Why choose our healthy store?

Eat More Healthfully.

Nourish & Rejuvenate your body, Bring out your natural health

Ethical Milking

Calves drink their stomach full.

We Have Reputation.

Within 7 years, today we are Mumbai’s foremost Organic A2 Milk and hand churned Vedic Ghee brand.

Nature at its best

Kesariya farm, spread over 30 acres, is a diversified organic farm having year round access to grasslands with nutritive and medicinal grasses

Fresh & Pesticide Free.

We deliver organic pesticide-free and sustainably-grown produce.

Our Cows

Our cows get wholesome organic grasses to eat every day, with our specially grown high quality fodder.

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