Our Story - The Soul of our farm

How Kesariya farm started…

Idea Behind Kesariya Farm

Bring health and happiness to your home, with pure, natural, fresh n creamy raw A2 milk and A2 milk products everyday… Delivered directly from our farm to you.

With acres of open land and most comfortable environment for our Gir cows, the freshness and the feel of closeness to nature cannot be described in words.
Our cows love to graze in open pastures, freely walk around and rest under the forest trees in healthy fresh air.

Kesariya farm was established in 2010, with a sole aim of making pure, organic and chemical-free food available direct from farm to home.

We Love what We Do.

It is this love that makes us do all our daily routine work, 365 days a year – without any break, at right time with same passion! Right from waking up at 4
AM, milking the cows, grazing them, scrubbing them to enjoying every moment on farm with our cows.
It is our commitment towards organic farming that we refuse the use any chemical pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, fertilizers in our farm. It is this passion and conviction that motivates us every single moment. We use Jeevamrut and mulching to supply nutrients in soil and Dashparni ark (All natural plant extracts) to manage the inescts if at all they cause serious damage to farm crops.
Organic farming is, every element in nature working together, to make healthy wholesome food.

Life at Kesariya Farm !

Each morning, before dawn breaks over Maauli Hills, it is a moment of peace for us with our cows. We work each day to uphold our grand parent’s legacy of sustainable organic farming, that considers even a small earthworm as a part of whole farm, respecting life of every living being on the farm..
When we give our cows the best natural life and right nutrition, they give us the bestA2 milk. We give our best to keep our cows happy and healthy..
What’s good for you— fresh air, sunshine, exercise, eating right—is also good for cows. They get the lush nutritious organic grasses every day. This leads to exceptionally wholesome milk for you. Healthy pastures and happy cows lead to a more healthful nutrition of A2 protein, vitamins and essential fatty acids your family needs.

Raani and Baahu !

Life on the farm would not be the same without our dogs by our side. Our dogs just love the farm life..
With Acres of land to roam, unlimited mud baths, daily inspection walks, and a nice warm barn to cozy up in, there’s something very calming about daily farm life for our dogs. When you visit the farm, you will enjoy racing in the fields with these fun-loving dogs.

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