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Nature at its best

Kesariya farm, spread over 30 acres, is a diversified organic farm having year round access to grasslands with nutritive and medicinal grasses.

Our Farm is located between Bhaatsa river and Maauli hills in Shahapur, just 75km from Mumbai.

With acres of open land and most comfortable environment for our Gir cows, the freshness and the feel of closeness to nature cannot be described in words.

Our cows love to graze in open pastures, freely walk around and rest under the forest trees in healthy fresh air.

How we take care of our Gir cows

Our cows get wholesome organic grasses to eat every day, with our specially grown high quality fodder.

Our experts ensure the right balance of nutrition to every cow. Fresh seasonal crops like carrots and beetroots are also fed to cows to make them healthier.

We never interfere with their natural instincts. Cows spend quality time with their calves every day. We follow only natural service with high pedigree Gir bulls. We believe artificial insemination is against the nature.

We ensure that our cows stay stress free and exhibit their natural behaviour. Only happy and healthy Gir cows give the A2 milk comparable to Divine Nectar.


Come and spend a superb weekend time at our organic farm.

We welcome you to get a glimpse of true Vedic traditions of ethical dairy farming as mentioned in our scriptures.

Show your children how the cows live, graze freely in their natural habitat.

Do some farming, run after butterflies, ride a bullock cart, play in mud, take bath in fresh river water, rest under trees, fill your lungs with the fresh air with every deep breath…

Relive your childhood days with your family.

When our grandparents were kids, two in every three indian families had family farm. The lifestyle and high quality of food those farms once produced, are available only in organic family farms nowadays.

Come along for a day and see why the nature is always bountiful at our organic family farm. There’s something in air that draws us out of  bed and makes the soul sing along with chirping birds!

Enjoy the meal times, with your family sitting together .. sharing food and a hearty conversation during your farm visit.

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