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A2 cow ghee | Organic honey

Bringing Back Traditional Food Wisdom

Our farm is a regenerative family farm in Shahapur, just 65 km from Mumbai. The traditional farming wisdom passed from generations is now combined with Science of regenerative farming. We are passionate believers in regenerative, holistic farming that nurtures the entire ecosystem from the microbes in soil to all the living beings in the food web. We believe in studying and boosting natural processes such as rotational grazing to allow pastures to regenerate and become more nutritional; companion planting to manage pests; and doing all we can to build biodiversity and soil carbon.

The effects speak for themselves with healthy and happy Gir cows at farm and the all our fields full of life, from diverse bacteria, fungi, mushrooms, earth worms and variety of birds. Thus, the delicious Vedic Ghee prepared from our pasture grazing Gir cow’s certified A2 milk, using traditional cultured curd method is loved by all.

Now guided by permaculture principles of Earth care, pe3ople care and fair share, we are spreading these experiences in farming communities to increase their overall regenerative capacity and nutritional value as well as quantity of produce per acre.

Welcome to Kesariya Farm


“Welcome to Kesariya Farm, we provide best quaity farm fresh A2 cow ghee and milk products made with traditional Vedic method at our family farm.”

Our farm is an organic farm, committed to international standards of organic dairy farming. It has been started with a vision to provide superior quality Organic A2 milk products of Indian desi Gir breed Cows.

Within 8 years, today we are one of Mumbai’s best farm fresh A2 Milk and hand churned Vedic A2 Ghee producers.

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Organic products

Today all the cream made ghee sold in market are full of chemicals, preservatives. They source milk from villages and don’t have any control on milk quality. The milk used by these ghee makers has high amount of chemicals, hormones, and pesticides. Pure organic milk is the most important ingredient to make pure organic ghee.

We use the milk from our own farm to make the vedic ghee. Now, method used to make ghee is also equally important. We use traditional wooden churner method, where two ways churning action separates the ghee from cultured curd. This method ensures right balance of all fatty acids in our organic grass-fed Ghee.

Grass-fed Vedic Ghee increases the digestion of food you eat. Its aroma increases the deliciousness of your daily food. Grass-fed Vedic ghee has more concentrated micronutrients and provides you a healthier ratio of Omega-3 to Omega -6 fats. High amount of Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) in grass-fed ghee has been proven to have anti cancer properties.


Ayurvedic Process

Made from Organic A2 milk with Ancient Bilona Method.

100% Organic

Made from organic grassfed Gir cow's A2 milk.

Made from A2 Milk

Pure Hand Churned Organic A2 Ghee with Wooden Churner.

Ethical Milking

Managed by experts and cows are feds only organic grass.

Customers Reviews

Just an awesome is 100% desi gir cow a2 ghee...with amazing makes normal food also taste awesome...the taste is same like my native Karnataka cow ghee tasts...
sUniLL Manjal

Organic food is best instrument to ensure healthy lifestyle.

It's hard not to recommend kesariya farm. They have an amazing pure desi ghee and all the other products. Really happy with the purchase and will definitely buy it.
Jagjivanbhai Rupani
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